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French (native), English (Full professional proficiency), Spanish (Limited working proficiency) and Russian (Basic understanding). 


Philippe’s previous experience includes working on board numerous private yachts and vessels chartered and owned by high profile clientele and their immediate families, spending most of his time cruising extensively throughout the Mediterranean and Asia, occasionally stopping in local / neighbouring ports and marinas.

As a solo galley chef Philippe’s responsibilities typically include: menu planning, provisional catering and the implementation of set meals in accordance with wide ranging multinational requests from both guests and on board crew members. Specific responsibilities for a solo chef operating on board a private yacht or chartered vessel are as follows:


Advance training for sushi and Japanese cuisine in London


As a yacht chef Philippe understands the importance of being well-versed in a variety of cuisines, and responsive to the round the clock needs of his clientele, whom are accustomed to the very finest and wide ranging culinary experiences. If an owner / captain does not like your food, or has one too many bad experiences at your hand, then it won’t be long before you are replaced. 


Professional sushi chef course for private chefs in London


After receiving more and more requests for Japanese food and sushi from his on board clientele, Philippe, not satisfied with his current ability in Japanese cuisine, decided to sign up to one of our intensive training programmes in London in order to help master the fundamentals of sushi making and Japanese food. Despite having a basic grounding in sushi, Philippe was aware that he needed to improve his skills in order to meet the high standards of his discerning clientele. 


Learn how to make Japanese and sushi canapes


We were able to teach Philippe about the wonderful versatility of sushi, demonstrating that sushi has much more to offer than perhaps first meets the eye. Despite being most commonly associated with raw fish and exotic types of seafood, sushi can also be made with vegetables, meats, and other non-fish ingredients, making it an extremely versatile foodstuff, perfectly suited to the discerning palates of Philippe’s esteemed clientele.


During the course of the training programme we were able to work with Philippe on developing the fundamental skills essential for mastering the craft of sushi making, Japanese cuisine and specialist canapés. Having trained many superyacht chefs in the past, and understanding the demanding nature of Philippe’s work (which often involves serving around the clock canapés and dishes to large groups of multinational clientele, of Russian, French, Chinese, Japanese, American, and other nationalities, all with equally refined, yet different culinary tastes), we were able to tailor the training specifically to Philippe’s needs, thereby guaranteeing that he was able to get the most out of the our intensive training programme.




If you are a chef currently working on a private / chartered yacht and would like to undertake one of our certificated training programmes, either in London or at a location of your choice, please get in touch using the contact form embedded below. 






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