Japanese food and fusion cuisine is fast becoming one of the most popular cuisines in the UK. The sheer number of Japanese restaurants and restaurant chains popping up across the country is indicative of the ever increasing appeal of Japanese food to the British public.

People see Japanese food as a delicious yet healthy alternative to other types of cuisine. Despite the term umami remaining relatively unknown as a concept to most in the West, the growing appeal of umami rich dishes and recipes across the UK over recent years has been undeniable.

In Japanese cuisine not only does taste play a vital role in the preparation of a meal, but the aesthetics of a dish are also considered equally important. The ingredients and cooking techniques that are used in Japanese cuisine are also very different to those employed in Western cooking.

The increasing demand for Japanese food in the UK and throughout Europe, coupled with the tightening of UK immigration laws, has meant that the demand for well trained and qualified Sushi chefs in the UK has never been more apparent.

Your Sushi’s professional chef training programs and restaurant consultancy services are designed teach the fundamental concepts of Japanese food and food culture, delivering exceptional guidance structured around foundationary concepts, skills and techniques essential for mastering Japanese cuisine. We at Your Sushi are focused in delivering unparalleled training programs guaranteed to prepare each student to meet the demand of this ever growing marketplace and to be able to offer a service to their customers that is second to none.

  • Do I need to be a professional chef to enrol in one of your professional training programs?

    No, you do not. All of our programs are tailored to the needs of each individual student, making our courses suitable to professional chefs and less experienced pupils alike. We are here to provide inspirational guidance and support to all those who want to learn. An honest desire to study is our only prerequisite.

  • How do your courses differ from other Sushi programs?

    Most Sushi programs, normally due to time restrictions, are designed to teach large groups a broad yet elementary set of skills. Learning how to make Sushi however, requires an advance and in-depth understanding of the ingredients, tools and primary techniques employed in order to be able to become proficient. Our programs, which are brought to life by exuberant chefs that have more than 25 years experience in the trade, are focused on communicating passion and teaching small groups – in order to ensure effective learning – the fundamental skills and techniques required to Master the art of Sushi making and Japanese cuisine.

  • How many students are there in each class?

    The number of students in each class is restricted to 6 per 2 chefs. We believe it is important that the class size is kept small in order to ensure that each student has sufficient one on one time with our instructors.

  • I do not speak English. Am I still able to attend the class?

    Knowing English is not an essential prerequisite in the undertaking of this program. We run our programs in 5 different languages including: English, French, Cantonese, Malay and Portuguese.

  • Am I able to speak to someone if I have questions after the class?

    Yes of course. As a community of Sushi chefs Your Sushi is here to offer continual and lasting support to all students that train with us. Once you have undertaken a program with us, as a new lifetime member of our community, you are entitled to seek the expertise of our chefs whenever you are in need of advice.

  • As a trained chef I would like to know how the techniques in this program differ to the ones that I am already familiar with in Western cuisine?

    Japanese cooking techniques are very different from those practised in the West, most notably of which being Japanese knife skills. If you are to learn how to make Sushi or learn how to make Japanese cuisine, it is essential that you first learn these fundamental techniques.

  • Will I be a qualified Sushi chef after completing this program?

    No you will not. Our programs are designed to give our students the proper guidance in order to be able to ensure that they can perform with confidence. To become a competent Sushi chef, one needs experience. The program that we offer will give you a platform from which to gain the appropriate experience.

  • Do you provide work placements to students that have completed the program?

    Your Sushi has an extensive network of contacts in the Sushi industry, and can provide work placements to students in a range of sectors depending upon the ability and work ethic they display during their training.

  • How can I pay for the program?

    We accept payment for the programs that we offer in many forms, ranging from: card payment over the phone, bank transfer, cheque, payment via instalments, educational grants, etc.

  • I am looking to set up a restaurant / catering business after undertaking the program. What sort of support are you able to offer?

    With chefs that have experience in setting up restaurants, our bespoke restaurant consultancy services are able to provide you with the guidance and support you require. Our consultancy packages are able to offer a whole range of services including: advanced chef training for restaurant/catering staff, restaurant set up, kitchen design and layout, regulations and rules, menu expansion and supplementation, business efficiency enhancement, commercial product sourcing, and much more.