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Oishii Sushi specialise in a number of sushi and other Japanese products made for the retail market, ranging from: 8 piece maki bentos, yasai vegetarian sushi, chicken teriyaki sushi, sakana fish sushi selections, and sushi / noodle salads amongst other things. All of Oishii Sushi products are handmade using the freshest ingredients, and come come with pickled ginger, wasabi & soy sauce.

About Oishii Sushi

Oishii Sushi is an 100% Irish owned company based in Bray. Co. Wicklow.Since 2006, Oishii Sushi has been in the business of making high quality, authentic Japanese food products, handcrafted to deliver a taste of Japan to the people of Ireland.

Oishii Sushi is a company based in Southern Ireland that specialises in making sushi for retail, and currently has its hand-crafted products available in over 80 retail outlets in and around Dublin, including large international supermarkets and local artisan delicatessens.

Oishii Sushi came to us with an expressed desire to advance their level of knowledge and skill in the field of sushi, showing a particular interest in learning about a wider range of fish for the specific purpose of developing a new and innovative sushi menu for their customers.

Over the course of the two day training programme and in the preparatory run up to the scheduled date of training, our experienced chefs were able to work intimately with Oishii Sushi, not only in the formulation of a bespoke training agenda suited to the needs of the company, but were also able to go beyond the initial scope of the programme, covering things such as: the optimisation of the managerial structure within the kitchen, the maximisation of operation efficiency for retail, and learning specific preparation methods designed to improve the quality of refrigerated sushi for the supermarket industry.

If you are a catering company that supplies sushi to local businesses and would like to sign up for staff training or business consultancy services, either in London or at your premises, please get in touch using the contact form below.

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