The Sushi School, a sister company of Your Sushi, was set up in 2010 to offer aspiring Sushi chefs and established restaurants throughout the UK and Europe a comprehensive set of professional Sushi chef training programs and restaurant consultancy services.

All of The Sushi School’s professional chef training programs are lead by instructors with more than 25 years experience working in the Sushi industry. Your Sushi School’s professional instructors are extremely passionate, and act as mentors to those that undertake the program, offering support and inspirational guidance to all those that they train.

Manu Letellier is a charismatic French Sushi chef, who specialises in fusing the beauty and simplicity of Japanese cooking with the flair and exuberance of French cuisine, resulting in Sushi creations that will amaze and inspire. Chef Manu, the founder of Your Sushi and has his own Sushi making DVD for those wanting to learn how to make Sushi at home, has been working in the Sushi industry for many years, and has taught thousands of people throughout the UK and Europe how to make Sushi.

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Since undertaking his Sushi apprenticeship in Narita Japan in the early 1980’s, chef Wai has worked in numerous high end Sushi rosette restaurants across the globe. With more than 25 years experience as a Sushi chef, and an insatiable passion for Sushi making and haute Japanese cuisine, chef Wai, alongside managing his own restaurant ventures, helps businesses and entrepreneurs across the UK and Europe open restaurants and train their staff.

Kiyoko is passionate about spreading her love for Japanese cuisine. Brought up by a nutritionist mother, she feels it’s her mission to introduce Japanese healthy eating to the people of the UK. Nori, miso and shoyu, are all super foods that are versatile and functional, cultivated over hundreds of years to give us more enjoyment out of the same ingredient.

Originally from Brazil, the country home to the second largest Japanese population outside of Japan, chef Clebson has been working as a Sushi chef in restaurants around the world for almost 2 decades. He also has a very good knowledge of large scale operations…invaluable for any business going large in the world of sushi. His enthusiasm for teaching coupled with his colourful South American style makes for training programs that are delivered with the upmost authenticity and of course packed with a healthy amount exotic Brazilian flair.

Izumi is a trained pharmacist and dietary consultant who shares her passion for Japanese cooking and the health benefits too. Growing up in Kuyshu – Izumi specialises in Vegetarian & Vegan food, including Sushi. Alongside traditional dishes, family recipes, and personal favourites, she is a mine of information for those interested in vegan and home traditional food.

Kenny is a Teppanyaki specialist chef with more than 25 years of experience working in Japanese restaurants across the world. A veteran in the art of Japanese cuisine and client entertainment, chef Kenny has dedicated his entire professional career to the development of his skills in front of house, entertaining clients with his unparalleled command of Japanese cuisine. Chef Kenny has also made several television appearances performing as a Teppanyaki chef.

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