Temari Sushi

Stylish, vegetarian, with meats, fish or fruits…these Sushi are amazing in terms of display. Very easy to do, these little balls of rice can be made in two different ways by adults and Kids too!

The easiest was is to cut a piece of cling film, then add a suare of Ham/smoked salmon / Mango…whatever  ingredient you fancy…just add some rice, wrap and twist…Voila!!!!

You can shape a smallish hole with your thum beneath it and then decorate as you wish. Here we have Oak Smoked Salmon, Wasabe flavors Flying fish roes and Tobiko with some trickles of QP mayo… These were done last week at the chef training in London by an entrepreneur opening a sushi restaurant and wanting to see how it all works…not bad for a first timer! Enjoy, 😉